Serivce-learning through printmaking in the Roaring Fork Valley, CO since 2015.

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The Project Shop is a creative incubator and hands-on learning production facility providing arts education through service-learning creative projects, empowering student-artists to share their voices on critical issues, fostering conversation and community engagement.



INDIGENOUS FAMILY STRENGTHS AND SUPPORT:Funding home visiting services across reservations through art.

3 Week intensive with CRMS Senior Jacob Sam to design, develop and produce a limited edition of amazing print goods.


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"The Lowdown"

low·down /ˈlōdoun/ noun:
the true facts or relevant information about something.

This is place to learn more about what is going on. Including recent collaborations, non-profit partnerships, print parties and projects by featured artists. 

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“...whether that is on racial equality, climate awareness, or reproductive healthcare, I would love it for my peers to have the same opportunity and experience of growth as I did. The service-based projects not only allow the younger generation to shine light on current issues, but are also bridges of connections between individuals and the wider community.” - M.Lei CRMS Senior 

Our Community Service Print Projects are funded in part by the 2022-2023 Arts in Society Grant 

Arts in Society is a collaborative grant-making program that fosters cross-sector work through the arts by supporting the integration of arts and culture into multiple disciplines critical to the health and well-being of Coloradans.

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We love cross-sector and inter-organization collaborations. Our Service-Learning printmaking projects are a great way to empower young and emerging artists to learn, engage and gain confidence in their creative expression.  Contact Reina Today

Our goals include:

  • celebrating the power of print as a tool for sharing ideas, impacting awareness and creating beauty.

  • keeping the tradecraft of traditional printmaking alive by facilitating access to equipment, exploring experimentation, and enduring power of print as creative expression.

  • facilitating creative experiences for all regardless of experience, means or access.

The lowdown

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low·down /ˈlōdoun/ noun:
the true facts or relevant information about something.