Serivce-learning through printmaking in the Roaring Fork Valley, CO since 2015.

our CSA

{Community Supported Art}

Our CSA, like a food CSA, is a seasonal delivery of shop grown goods collectively created from recent happenings, collaborations and creative explorations. Visiting artists collaborate with shop and student artists to develop, produce and deliver an outstanding edition of goodies.

In 2024, we are taking our CSA to the next level. We started with making Art Shirts via our Wear it CSA - now we are offering multiple levels.
Wear it {art shirt}, Mail it {mail art} and Use it {art object} or all three in one!

“I’ve learned as much about screen printing as I have learned about myself through this process. When to be soft and when to be strong. To practice patience when things don’t go as planned and to be persistent. I have to leave ego at the door and come in as a child ready to play and learn.”
Vanessa Porras – Featured Artist

$35 per art shirt
$140 per year

The hand decorated garment might be a long sleeve sweatshirt, tank, or super soft recycled shirt. Each featured artist comes up with an idea that informs every decision along the way from the blank to the ink color.

Each edition is produced on a resposibly sourced, high-quality blank for your wearing pleasure. 

$45 per mailing
$180 per year
Mail Art explores the experimental syntheses of different artistic media and disciplines. Artists will explore pairing varied disciplines and media, including collage, painting, drawing, written word, photographs, and of course a multitude of printmaking techniques.

You never know what coolness will arrive in your mailbox with one for you and including one to send to a friend with postage included.  
$55 per art object
$220 per year

Our newest offering, encourages the artist explore the relationship of form and function. It could be a really cool decorated bag, a delectible ceramic mug, or... 

Rest assured it will be a thoughtful, high-quality, homegrown piece of goodness presented with love and enthusiam by our featured artists. 

Each participating artists receives a stipend for their collaborative contributions. They are empowered to honestly express and push themselves to learn new techniques.

  • Limited to 50 shareholders.
  • You are only charged when art comes your way.
  • Cancel anytime.
  • Help us get money in the hands of awesome local artists and support organic collaboration.
  • 4 pickup parties per year.
  • Nationwide delivery via usps.
  • $140-500 per year.


Pick your poison.

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