Serivce-learning through printmaking in the Roaring Fork Valley, CO since 2015.

The service-based projects not only allow the younger generation to shine light on current issues, but are also bridges of connections between individuals and the wider community. -M.Lei, Student

The Project Shop is unique in our valley, offering space and resources as well as a model of community-based, service-learning arts education. Every donation to the Project Shop benefits our community—including students, artists, and local collaborators.

Our distinctive programming regards the creative process as a collective force for a better future. The Project Shop programs nurture collective incubation for creative expression by empowering youth to artistically address social justice issues, promoting cross-sector collaboration, and facilitating service-learning opportunities with intergenerational sharing of tradecraft.

By articulating and celebrating the power of art we encourage students to find their voices and actively listen, participate, share, and learn collectively. When students see their lives as part of a larger system, they organically convert apathy and anger into expressive action. Our intensive Community Service Print Projects empower students to express their voices on critical issues. Our Community Supported Art (CSA) shareholders receive quarterly deliveries of shop-grown collaborative artworks. And, through our partnerships with fellow non-profit and local businesses, we are able to employ emerging artists and offer innovative interactive printmaking opportunities to the community.

The Project Shop operates with the generous support of foundations, local businesses, and individuals. To help nurture a sustainable, inclusive, and vital future through creative expression, please consider donating today.

The 2024 outline of programs and potential for growth follows below, and if you are interested I would love to talk with you further about any of our programming and discuss new opportunities. Your support makes possible our work to create a better future, collectively and creatively.

With all my best,



The Project Shop is a creative incubator and hands-on learning production facility providing arts education through service-learning print projects, empowering student-artists to share their voices on critical issues, fostering conversation and community engagement.

The Year Ahead

Programming Highlights:
Art In Process - Gallery activation
    Collaboration with The Art Base
Future Fashion, ReWear - Creative Apprenticeships
    Collaboration with Carbondale Arts
Senior/Capstone Projects - Community Service Print Projects
    Collaboration with CRMS & RFHS
Summer Internships
    Service-Learning Opportunities
Midsummer Celebration - Interactive Print Party
    Collaboration with Red Brick
- Event Specific Installations
    Collaboration with Anderson Ranch
Civic Engagement Through Art - Social Justice Print Projects
   Collaboration with Tomorrow’s Voices
- Interactive Print Party
    Collaboration with ACES
Community Service Print Projects
  Gallery Exhibit @ Launchpad
and more...

︎︎︎Budget Outline

Earned Income
Consumable Goods Sold $30,000
Inter-arts collaborations $12,000
CSA Subscriptions $ 9,000
Total Earned Income $51,000

Arts in Society Grant $15,000
  Funded in 2024
CSA Business Sponsorships $ 8,000
  Quarterly sponsorships @ $2000 ea
Foundations $25,000
  Education in Arts pending proposal
Individuals $16,500
Total Contributions $64,500


Director/Lead Educator $48,000
Instructors/Mentors $32,500
    15 hrs/week @ $25/hr
    5 hrs/week @ $50/hr
Facilities $25,000
    Rent $2000NNN/month
    Utilities (Gas) $1000/annual
Operations $10,000
    Materials, consumables, supplies
    Public Events, Software, etc.



The Project Shop was founded by Reina Katzenberger in 2014. Her hope was to establish a creative space with the equipment, materials and collections for local creatives of all ages and abilities. In 2016, a perfect location opened up at SAW (Studios for Arts + Works), a collaborative space for creative professionals and professional creatives in Carbondale, Colorado. With the space and facilities required for more substaintial print equipment in place, Reina set up shop with multiple antique platen letterpresses, etching press, screenprinting equipment and finishing equipment. Ongoing internships, apprentices, and students projects grew over the years. Collaboration with local artists led to our popular CSA subscription service. Reina grew more focused on service-learning print runs in collaboration with local non-profits to empower artists to learn production skills. The positive and inspiring response from the community not to mention the testimonials from students inspired the move to launch the Shop as a non-profit in 2022.
Established in 2014


- space and facilities to collectively create

- intensive mentorships for youth

- service learning based print goods

- experiential educational activations

- organically shop-grown editions of artworks