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low·down /ˈlōdoun/ noun:
the true facts or relevant information about something.

Serivce-learning through printmaking in the Roaring Fork Valley, CO since 2015.

Abby Amdur


A hand-printed special collection of decorative creations. 

We colored in and experimented on some of the ornament pieces to show examples of what you could do and personalize what you receive! In my main medium of printmaking, every edition can differ, even very slightly. So I want to encourage you to have fun and color in the pieces, make them different! The final ornament is for you or a loved one, and so is the process of making it.

NOTE FROM REINA: Like a true CSA, this project grew organically from the happenings at the shop. Abby spent many hours of her summer off from school working and printing in the Shop. After a wonderful on-site interactive print activity in partnershIp with the Red Brick in Aspen, we couldn’t stop having fun with ornaments. The truth is, it was such a good reminder to slow down and foster joy. We hope you enjoy the process as well.  

Your support allows us to empower these young, emerging and curious artists to share their voices through tangible and quality limited edition print goods.

These limited editions go to our CSA subscribers. Join us today.



Abby Amdur, born in San Francisco and raised in Carbondale, committed to an art practice at an early age; in 8th grade she decided to leave home to attend Interlochen Arts Academy. In 2022, Amdur began her studies at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where she continues to focus on fine art and printmaking. To explore her interest in nature and feminist themes, she utilizes printmaking for its ability to make stylized and bold linework.
I made this CSA with the inspiration of previous ornament projects I’ve created. The process of making these pieces has been something I've been surprised by and really enjoyed! It’s been great to allow myself to revisit crafts that remind me of what I’d make when I was younger, and push them even further.

 I’ve made it more personal by crocheting a heart to add to the ornaments, and I hope to encourage people to make more elaborate crafts for themselves and others, as a reminder that it’s ok to play and create more personal and fun decor.


As with all of our CSA deliveries we strive to only use reclaimed and responisbly resourced materials. 
  • The outer envelope was made from packing fill.
  • The ornaments were extra prints from our Print Party at the Red Brick for Aspen Intersect.
  • The marker is from our collection, pre-tested for vitality.
  • The metallic paper was reclaimed from a print project for partner non-profit, Anderson Ranch. 
  • The extra ball ornament to send to a friend is printed on paper made from recycled denim.