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RObert Burch

Mail it! CSA 

Dear Friends,
Last month mixed media Mail Art happened in a big way.  Robert Burch, glass, metal and graphic artist came to the shop and created a truly unique series for our CSA.  A few years back he gifted me a roll of Player Piano Roll. The perforated holes much like an early computer punch card allowed the player piano to play music without an operator.  The treasured item rested safely on a shelf in the shop until he showed up fresh from the School of Visual Art in NYC to explore some traditional print with a fresh perspective.  A wonderful collaboration ensued and he produced a killer limited edition for our CSA subscribers.  As past featured artist Deborah Jones said, “Love it — especially the on-purpose askew fold and that fascinating translucent paper with those marks on it.  I am reminded once again of how diverse artists are; their vision and execution, their treatment of form and content…. Can’t wait for quarter #3.”

What was old (player piano paper, vintage handset type…) becomes new and then back again. This only happens with your support, encouragement and participation. I am very grateful for these opportunities.

with love,
reina and the project shop

Words from the Artist

The symbols of written music have their own kind of visual style. These postcards have several elements who are trying to mimic the imagery of sheet music. The watercolors have been painted in a way to harbour some vague notion of bouncing notes. Antique piano paper was cut, painted, and fused to the postcard. A mixture of letterpress typefaces were printed onto the piano paper in a whimsical arrangement once again reference the concept. The title “Plastic Ivories” is a way to address the progress of time from these antique rituals from old grand pianos to a dim light bulb going off in a print studio, pulling all these ideas from the past into the present, and eventually to you.
- Robert Burch

$50 per quarter or save %20 with an annual subscription
4 deliveries a year of limited edition Mail Art.
1 for you and 1 to send onto a friend.

Postage included.