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low·down /ˈlōdoun/ noun:
the true facts or relevant information about something.

Serivce-learning through printmaking in the Roaring Fork Valley, CO since 2015.

Takeo Hiromitsu

Wear it! CSA featured artist

Limited edition has gone to subscribers first. Extras available below.

Unisex Short Sleeve Shirt
Available in Dusty Blue or Vintage Rose.


Artist Statement about the Design

All of the elements of this design lead me to questions of choice and meaning. Do I have free will? What is the relationship of free will to being alive? If I am the figure falling into the golden field of cosmic horror. Was I conscious before the fall, or did my consciousness awaken amidst the fall? Would these differences change the implications or meaning? These threads, woven, tangled, are me struggling with nihilism and being stuck in a cognitive loop. The Question/Directive on the back of the shirt is a doorway. A way into action and embodiment, that to me, can dissolve the mental stranglehold that nihilism provides me.

The Question/Directive was written in my left hand on a piece of my desk notes, I have a practice of having large pieces of paper covering my desk so I can write or doodle and procrastinate. My left hand is more honest, exacting and less accurate. The hot air balloon monkey fishing and falling figure is a drawing of feeling with India ink and nibs on cotton rag. I like these marks, the movement. A golden background is derived from my intaglio prints. These prints signify a time in my life when the meaning making system of my childhood entered the deconstructive process of post-modern conceptualizations.

I think knowing any of this is unimportant. It is the Question/Directive that drives us.

Size small shown on artist Hannah Stoll