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Serivce-learning through printmaking in the Roaring Fork Valley, CO since 2015.


Future Fashion LINE Development 

by The Progressors

“In a world on the brink, we choose unity and hope by re-imagining garments of the past, constructed from the discarded waste of our present into looks for our future.”

Six teen apprentices from 4 schools have been working together with 3 local artists to create the fashion line, The History of the Future by The Progressors.

The team has come together to collectively create a completely upcyclced line of 6 looks. They all have advocated for each others ideas, shared their unique design aestetics, learning to trust their instincts and work collaboratively to problem solve this incredible line. 

Starting with sketches and conversation the team has quickly moved to creation of a killer line made entirly from reclaimed materials and supplies. 

Now in its 3rd year, Carbondale Arts’ Creative Apprentice Program pays teens to work with local artists to create works of community value. This youth-driven program supports and values teens of all backgrounds by giving them a platform to develop and express their unique perspectives through exposure to creative professions.

As two organizations with complementary missions, this collaboration with the Project Shop celebrates their community-based, service-learning arts education with the Creative Apprentice Program’s youth employment and career preparedness initiatives.

This years Carbondale Arts Creative Apprenticeshop Program has been facilitated by The Project Shop and our ReWear Upcycling Initiative. 

A CORE TENET of this Initiative is to only used reclaimed supplies and used equipment.

Thank you

Ragged Mountain
Rebecca Lodge/Near New
Katie Leonitis
Georgia Chamberlain
Erica Balderson
Sam Harvey
Deborah Jones
Juliana Forbes
Kat Rich
Teresa Booth Brown
Seeking Donations:

  • Workwear/ Carhartts
  • Puffy Jackets/
  • Techincal Gear/backpacks

  • Thread
  • Fasteners

  • Industrial Sewing Machine
  • Iron
  • Garmet Steamer