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low·down /ˈlōdoun/ noun:
the true facts or relevant information about something.

Serivce-learning through printmaking in the Roaring Fork Valley, CO since 2015.

The Art Base, Basalt Colorado

Art in Process

Jan 3 – Feb 3,  2023

Reina Katzenberger is hosting the public and visiting artists in the main gallery of the Art Base in downtown Basalt. This interaction installation is open to the public Tuesday - Saturday (12 - 5pm) directions

The sidewalk-visible gallery will become a space for a pop-up artist residency that includes the physical manifestation of a studio with materials, equipment and ephemera, made accessible to the public.

Reina’s time will be totally open and unscripted as she aims to surrender each day to being informed by the circumstance and interactions that occur on site. Whatever art is created will arise from the interactions, ideas and conversations that ensue.

Collaboration between nonprofits, art institutions and artists in our valley is a core tenet of The Project Shop. The Project Shop is a creative space at SAW in Carbondale of which Reina is the creator and founder that focuses primarily on arts education through service-learning based print projects.

You are invited to participate in the process, to converse and collaborate.

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I am firmly committed to showing up and to be present with the interactions and the ideas that arise from the honest conversations that occur.

My intention is for these conversations to lead to new ideas, perspectives, creative exploration and potential collaboration - holding mutuality, deep respect and focus on process as core tenets of this project.

~Reina (host of “art in process” at The Art Base) 

Show Up, Be Present, Tell the Truth and Make a Mark.

View the active artist space by Live Stream webcam.

The second installment of "art in process" at the Art Base, is half way through and already has been an amazing and profound experience. Visitors of all ages and experiences with 'art' have come and played and chatted and stayed and made a lasting mark on me and this project.

Everyone is welcome.
- Every Tuesday - Saturday 12-5pm, Open to the Public 
- Friday, Feb 3rd 5-7pm, Closing Celebration

We are all exercising the connection between our eyes, brain, heart, hands, space and materials. Remembering it is not about making something pretty, it is about showing up and trying, playing, listening and working towards seeing the world in a fresh way. Join us by connecting, supporting and celebrating the creative process.